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i'm jeremy, i'm currently working on this for the university I work at, and I figured that this application could be useful at many other places also. if anyone is interested, please let me know: email -
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About jcams

jcams is a content and author management system - it keeps track of who is responsible for the web pages on a site (or more than one site, if need be), and makes sure that pages have been updated within a specific time frame.

Who cares?

well, anyone that is responsible for an large web site, that has static pages.The webmaster (or whatever you want to call the person saddled with the responsiblity), can't possibly check every page by hand, and even if they could, would they know if everyone's informaiton is up to date?

note: jcams won't help you much if your pages are dynamic (such as, the pages end with .ASP, .PHP, .CGI, .ASPX, basically anthing besides .HTM and .HTML). The technical reason for this is because the pages are generated on the fly, the content modification sent by the HTTP headers is always the current time on the web server. The only way to make this work is to have jcams reside directly on the web server, and make all the page entries like this:

c:\inetpub\wwwroot\academics\index.html (Windows), or /var/www/html/academics/index.html (*NIX)

instead of the normal:


that jcams works with now. the TODO includes ways to resolve this.